Axcient Cloud-Based Business Continuity

AxcientATC Consulting is pleased to offer Axcient – the only unified cloud platform that completely eliminates IT downtime.

Downtime-related productivity losses cost each small and medium-sized business an average of $159,000 annually. Axcient prevents this loss by protecting and ensuring access to business information and systems, eliminating IT downtime during any natural disaster or network failure and allowing businesses to focus on business opportunities, not IT risks.

The Following are some of advantages of using the Axcient solution,
enabled by ATC Consulting:

Cloud Virtualization – Virtualize your entire IT infrastructure in the Axcient Cloud and access your data and systems from anywhere, at any time, during any emergency. You can also instantly failover to the Axcient onsite appliance with no need to reconfigure.

Image Capture – Customize your own retention periods, and Axcient will take automatic incremental snapshots of your server, desktop or laptop. Then hit reverse any time to restore your system as it was.

Bare Metal Restore and Heterogeneous Platform Support - When a system fails, Axcient allows you to restore your environment to another environment of your choice, whether physical or virtual.

Reverse Incremental Technology – Axcient stores your most recent backup files atop older ones, meaning your newest data is always easiest to access.

Application Awareness – No matter where your data comes from, Axcient recognizes and supports data from a wide range of applications, ensuring your backups are always in a consistent state when a snapshot is taken.

De-duplication – Axcient stores only the latest file versions on your appliance and replaces duplicate copies with links to the original file, ensuring efficient use of your storage space.