Though VoIP is quickly gaining popularity, some small businesses are still unsure, concerned that VoIP audio quality is substandard, that the technology is difficult or costly to implement, or that their phone service will be interrupted if their internet or electricity goes out.

The truth is, VoIP's benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Today's VoIP service has evolved and allows you to make and receive office calls using a variety of devices from IP phones, computers and smart phones(with VOIP app.) Sound quality has also improved due to affordable high-speed internet connections.

Key benefits to VOIP include:
  • • Reduced telecommunications cost
  • • Portability-take your IP phone with you and connect to your VOIP phone system with any internet connection
  • • Integration and collaboration with other applications
  • • No geographical boundaries- subscribe to U.S. phone numbers from other countries
  • • Advanced call feature – calls can ring simultaneously on multiple devices--such as your cell and landline phones--before going to voice mail
Schedule a call with ATC to see firsthand how VOIP technology can help your business save money and improve business voice communications. VOIP technology keeps you connected to your business no matter where you are.